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AfricAid supports girls’ education in Africa in order to provide young women with the opportunity to transform their own lives and the futures of their communities.

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Esther Piniel, Senior Kisa Mentor

Find out about AfricAid’s story and the team leading the charge for girls’ education in Tanzania.


Learn more about our projects helping to educate and empower thousands of girls across Tanzania.


Find out how you can get involved and become a champion for girls’ education.


More than 5,000 young women have been trained as leaders through our Kisa Project


Kisa Mentors carry out more than 2,300 hours of teaching in leadership and life skills every year


Over 98% of A-Level Kisa graduates go to university, compared to the Tanzanian national average of 3%


Through the Kisa Project, we educate and empower some of Tanzania’s brightest and most motivated young women to reach their full potential and be catalysts for change in their communities. Young women in Tanzania rarely have role models to show them that they are as capable as their male counterparts. Through innovative programming that includes dedicated mentorship, training and access to powerful resources, Kisa gives young women the confidence and skills they need to pursue excellence in leadership and initiate meaningful change in their communities.


Kisa means “story” in Swahili. Through Kisa, young Tanzanian women become the creative authors of their own futures, and help author their nation’s future. Learn more!


Binti Shupavu is a needs-driven training and mentoring program for adolescent girls in Tanzania. This initiative is tailored to specifically address key challenges that lead to hundreds of thousands of Tanzanian girls dropping out of secondary school every year. This comprehensive program lasting four years builds confidence, resilience and the determination to succeed no matter what. A mix of seminars and small group tutorials delivered weekly by university educated Tanzanian women, Binti Shupavu ensures that thousands of new girls every year get the knowledge, skills and support they need to thrive.


“Binti Shupavu” means  “Courageous Daughter” in Swahili. Through this project, we hope to help young women become Courageous Daughters in their own, unique ways. Learn more!

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AFYA: Denver Young Professionals

Denver young professionals have joined together to have fun events and support girls in Tanzania at the same time. Learn more and get involved today!

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You may decide to continue your exploration of Tanzania’s great beauty by planning a safari or other adventure while there. Previous participants have used a variety of companies including Africa Adventure Consultants (mention AfricAid and they will donate 10% of the cost of your safari to our programs), Serengeti Select Safaris, and Summit Expeditions and Nomadic Experiences.