Friday, March 8


I’ve joined AfricAid’s Matching Challenge with a $25 investment because I believe in the power of girls.


It only takes $125 to change a girl’s life by providing a mentor to help her complete her education and develop into a leader.

I’m looking for 4 friends to match my $25 donation by March 8 (International Women’s Day) so that we can support a girl for a year.


Learn more about how Binti Shupavu (Courageous Daughters) changes girls’ lives through mentoring by watching Theresia’s story.

I hope you’re as inspired by Theresia’s story as I am and encourage you to match my gift of $25 with one of your own.


By saying yes, you’ll provide a girl with a mentor to believe in her and help her reach her dreams. Plus, you’ll get to meet her entire class over video.


Thank you for saying YES to changing a girl’s life together.

P.S. Keep the inspiration going and share this page with 4 more friends!