Imaginary Gifts! A Kisa Moment

by Asimwe Suedi


Giving and receiving is one way of investing in each other and making us feel good. The Kisa Year Two Scholars at Weruweru Secondary School had a great moment giving and receiving imaginary gifts to each other during their Kisa Class. The scholars were to pick randomly a folded piece of paper with a name of another scholar on it and become friends with that person. Each scholar was to spend a few minutes using her imagination and creatively think of a gift to give her new friend. The giver also had to come up with a good description of the gift without mentioning what exactly it was, and the receiver had to guess what she was to receive from her new friend. Money was not to be involved.


It was such a fun moment as each scholar presented a gift to her new friend in a different way. Some used words, actions and even dance moves. Everyone was lucky to get a unique gift as repetition of gifts was not allowed. Among the gifts that were given that day include fancy dresses, shoes, hairbrushes, makeup, photo albums, a house and so many others. The Kisa Mentor was not left behind; she was presented with so much love and appreciation from her Scholars and they were the best gifts of all since they were not imaginary.

A warm hug and a beautiful smile were followed after receiving an imaginary gift.
After received an imaginary gift, everyone tried to be close to her friend as much as one could.
It was nice having a group photo of friends together.
One of the Kisa Scholars is overjoyed after her friend gave her an imaginary gift of a house which has three bedrooms and a garden.