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Check out these stories about AfricAid and some of our Scholars.

4/21/2020 – How To Show a Young Women Her Worth? Give Her a Mentor || The Aspen Institute

Devotha May, Managing Director of Programs, shares the impact of mentorship.



10/29/2018 – Education Equity and Michelle Obama’s Global Girls Alliance || Teen Vogue

Read about Kisa Alumna and Mentor Ellie Kaaya’s experience working with Michelle Obama to advance girls’ education.



10/11/2018 – International Day of the Girl || CBS New York

Kisa Alumna and Mentor Ellie Kaaya speaks in New York about the importance of educating girls on International Day of the Girl.



6/22/2017 – Four Denver-Based Nonprofits Making a Big Impact || Wannapixel Inc.

Wannapixel included AfricAid in a list of nonprofits in the Denver area working hard to change the lives of others.



11/08/2016- Paying It Forward In Tanzania || Huffington Post

The Huffington Post elaborates on one of our Kisa Alumnae who is making a difference in her world and paying it forward.



10/25/2016- A Wealth of Foreign Influence, Right Here in Denver || Denver Post

The Denver Post speaks on the benefits of the Posner Center in Denver and the organizations it supports; including AfricAid.



7/24/2015- Building Resilience in Tanzanian Secondary School Girls || Huffington Post

The Huffington Post dives into the grueling process of getting a higher education in Tanzania, and how the Kisa Project better prepares women for that endeavor.


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