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Spring 2017

  • AfricAid sends out a massive thank you to every person who

        helped us grow from 22 girls to 2,000 scholars to 30 schools!

  • Hear first hand from Kisa Sponsors about their experience

        and learn about why they believe in supporting Kisa Scholars.

  • Between Liaisons at partner schools, to Global Volunteers

        help AfricAid celebrate all of the people helping girls succeed. 

Fall 2016

  • We celebrate 15 incredible years of girls education and look

at how 16 year old Ashley Shuyler founded AfricAid in 2001!

  • Get an in depth look at our newest program, Binti Shupavu

which encourages younger Tanzanian girls to stay in school.

  • Meet a Kisa Alumna turned Kisa Mentor, and learn all about

our new presentation created to explain to your group how

educating girls + women helps to eradicate poverty globally.

Spring 2016

  • The story of a once in a lifetime chance for the AfricAid family:

Kisa Mentors, Alumnae, and Supporters climb Mt. Kilimanjaro.

  • A glimpse at AfricAid’s International Women’s Day celebration:

A party of 90 met to ignite change for women & girls globally.

  • Understand why one volunteer joined the AfricAid family and

perhaps get inspired to join AfricAid’s fight for girl’s education!