One Girl, One Wish: Send a Message by September 30!

Send a message to a graduating Binti Shupavu Scholar!


GLAMI Mentors will soon celebrate more than 1,000 Form 4 Scholars who will graduate from Year 4 of the Binti Shupavu program before heading in to their final exam period.


The Form 4 exam marks a huge academic milestone for girls, and is truly a make-or-break moment in a young person’s academic career. This test determines whether a student will continue to Advanced Level (Forms 5 and 6) and possibly on to university. Through Binti Shupavu, girls focus on building strong study habits. Binti Mentors work hard to ensure that Scholars know what to expect during their exams, and how to understand exam terminology. Binti Shupavu Scholars a are well-prepared, but exams can still be a very stressful time.


Please join us in sending these graduating Binti Scholars off to their final exams knowing that there are people all around the world who are cheering on their success!


Leave your message below before September 30:

Take your support one step further! Text BINTI to 44-321 from any U.S. carrier to support the 2022 class of Binti Shupavu Scholars.
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